Art and urban agriculture have the unique capacity to transform the spaces we inhabit into sites of creativity, empowerment, and community. By presenting these two powerful modes of reimagining in concert through our vibrant arts and urban agricultural programming, the Center for Strategic Art and Agriculture engages a diverse community in creating social progress through innovative creative expression.

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Going on Now:

Visual Art: From Saturday, June 28 to Friday, August 15, CSAA presents, Unnecessary Suspiciousan installation by Byran Zanisnik and video art by Hong Kong based seemanho.

Events: On Friday, July 18, Unnecessary Suspicious officially opens with a free show with Mandarin rock bands The Underground Channel, Torpid May, and Reonda.

Garden:  Ellie Irons takes over the CSAA garden this year with Invasive Pigments, a garden and visual art exhibition. 

Designed and built by artists/agriculturalists Jason Gaspar and Ben Garthus the CSAA garden encompasses community action, art, and a bit of situationist psychogeography.  Built from repurposed material, the garden will be a immersive environment where visitors move, crawl, and ascend through the 3 tiered structure, allowing them to interact with the plants, the garden and each other. Read more.